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Digital Solutions and Innovations for HoReCa businesses

We helped them implement Salesforce CRM to optimize the process and to bring all the products together into a comprehensive system. In particular, the client was looking to commercialize the products for the restaurant, hotel, and retail organizations using Salesforce, which integrated with other systems including website and order management.


The scope included setup of Sales & Service Cloud, CTI, payment system and middle layer for integrating other systems.


As of now, the platform has already over 180,000 restaurant websites and generated more than 1,000,000 table reservations on top across 15 countries.


What we have done

  • Redesign of the CRM architecture to improve performance, overcome Salesforce limits and provide better service-service communication
  • Implementation and ongoing support of the payment system
  • Utilizing Heroku Connect & Streaming API to ensure data synchronization between various systems
  • Implementation of API for integration with other systems
  • Improvement of Lead & Opportunity management to increase the effectiveness of the call center
  • Automatization of customer subscription maintenance
  • Integration with Vonage Contact Center (NewVoiceMedia) and Lithium (Khoros) Community
  • Integration of the PCI Pal for ensuring secure online payments via Call Center

How it helps the client

  • Increased revenue due to commercialization of products
  • Decrease the lead submission time
  • Reduce the average time of lead conversion
  • Increase efficiency, decrease costs & minimize human error of subscription maintenance

Barcode Scanning Solution.


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Barcode scanning solution

From a simple product of 1D barcode generation for Salesforce users to a sophisticated solution with 2D barcode generation and barcode scanning within the Salesforce mobile app, Noltic helped make this product a success with over 100 clients and increasing with every month.


What we have done

  • Implemented a solution for 2D barcode generation
  • Integrated various options for barcode scanning supporting Salesforce mobile app
  • Custom implementations supporting GS1 format
  • USA Driver License scanning based on PDF417 format
  • Managed Package and Security Review


How it helps the client

  • Doubled customer base within a year
  • New revenue streams through customization
Fleet management solution




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Fleet management solution

The client was looking to improve & scale the fleet management solution, designed to control the entire transport operation. Also, the client was looking to set up an ecommerce platform for online sales of the system, and integrate the fleet management system with other systems to provide a seamless process across the business units.


What we have done

  • Customer Community Portal with B2B Commerce Cloud
  • Integration with System of Record, SAP Order Management System and Payment Provider.
  • Billing & Invoice functionality with support for multiple payment providers.
  • Real-Time VAT calculation & validation
  • Multilingual support for customer emails & notifications


How it helps the client

  • Increased customer retention due to increased product quality
  • Increased revenue stream due to improved, simplified billing and invoicing
  • Increased revenue due to multilingual support

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