Customer success stories

Dive into the success stories of Salesforce CRM implementations and find out how we made a positive impact on businesses like yours.

No matter the size of the organisation, we help our clients succeed by providing the solution that fits their needs.

Zenoo Ltd   |   United Kingdom   |   Financial
We helped them implement Salesforce CRM to optimize the process and to bring all the products together into a comprehensive system.
123c Consulting MB   |   Latvia   |   Financial
Noltic helped the client build a Proof of Concept (PoC) to expand the functions of their client’s banking services application.
TRAXEE – WABCO Product   |   Global   |   Logistics
The client was looking to improve & scale the fleet management solution, designed to control the entire transport operation.
Gimbal Logic   |   USA   |   Professional Services
From a simple product of 1D barcode generation for Salesforce users to a sophisticated solution with 2D barcode generation and barcode scanning within the Salesforce mobile app.
Hospitality Digital   |   Germany   |   Hospitality
Сlient was looking to commercialize the products for the restaurant, hotel, and retail organizations using Salesforce.

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