Salesforce testing services for impeccable project quality

We know how it should work and we keep a ‘nothing works’ mindset

Automated and manual QA services for every Salesforce project imaginable

The Salesforce testing services we provide are deeply rooted in the experience we have in developing complex Salesforce solutions. By having a strong team of Salesforce Certified Architects, Noltic’s horizontal collaboration is hard to match. It allows us to bring the highest standards into every project and pick the specific types of Salesforce testing our clients need.
Manual Quality Assurance
We choose manual Salesforce QA when a human POV is needed – like when a new Salesforce flow is implemented. Manual testing ensures that the solution works and looks properly to be used by people.
Automated Quality Assurance
To simulate user interactions with the software, we apply automated testing. We write the scripts and then run them in a proper environment to filter out any faults. We can also integrate AQA testing in the project’s CI/CD pipeline to be triggered when needed.
End-to-end testing
To verify the Salesforce solution works in all situations suggested by its purpose, we perform thorough E2E testing for every business scenario.
Unit testing and integration testing
To confirm the Salesforce engineers’ daily work aligns with the architecture as needed, we do unit testing – for isolated pieces of code, and integration testing – for more complex code interactions.
Sandbox, scratch org, and production testing
In accordance with the Salesforce ecosystem, our QA team works with every available environment Salesforce offers. We have the experience and the tools to cover all of its infrastructure.
Regression testing
Regression testing acts as confirmation that system changes after Salesforce product updates don't affect other functionality. It’s most needed in the case of AppExchange solutions.
Documentation and reporting
The golden standard in development practice is documenting everything, and we do the same in QA. It allows developers and stakeholders to easily revisit the project testing history and bug reports for further reference.

The value of QA in Salesforce

The impact quality assurance has in the Salesforce environment is no less than in any other development process.
Better product quality
Dedicated testing is a proven way to find underlying flaws in the solution that might have been overlooked by its developers who are sometimes too close to the product. It also helps to find the bugs before the product hits the market to avoid hotfixes.
Higher user satisfaction
Whether it’s a CRM built to be used by the internal team only or a big AppExchange product expected to reach hundreds of customers, it needs to satisfy the end user. Conducting pre-launch testing, especially UAT, helps meet this goal.
Reduced implementation cost
A properly tested product is a lot easier to support and use as a base for new releases. The bugs not found before the launch are harder to fix due to production dependencies that affect active end users. And the re-do work is usually more expensive in the end.

Balancing QA with business analysis

Noltic’s QA team works directly with developers and stakeholders on each project to collect every piece of information about the expectations and acceptance criteria.

We base the testing on the business requirements, development logic and R&D test cases. It’s needed to set the right priorities and discover how the product should work. After all, something that seems like a bug is not always that.

The tools

We carefully select Salesforce QA tools depending on the functionality that needs to be tested.
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