Integrating a knowledge management SaaS product into Salesforce

Noltic helped Shelf to broaden their market by making their system available as a Salesforce product. Our solution saves time for Salesforce users who are interacting with content since there is no need to leave Salesforce to get information.

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Shelf is a US-based, award-winning content sharing platform. It allows creating a private virtual library for keeping any information or records from the Internet in a single place: no matter if it’s a folder, a Wikipedia page, or any other data format. Advanced AI and a powerful search help Shelf users find answers and solve customer issues quickly, while analytics and task automation reduce the admin overhead of knowledge management.

The Noltic team met with Shelf at a tech conference in 2018, and we’ve been partners since. We’re happy to see how quickly Shelf is growing as a product and an organization and to be a part of its journey.

Business Challenge

After the client had successfully developed an Intelligent Knowledge Management System, they started looking for new opportunities and markets. The Shelf team wanted to make their platform available as a Salesforce product, giving the CRM users access to Shelf’s functionality.

They partnered with Noltic to integrate Shelf into Salesforce using the API they created. Our goal was to provide a smooth experience by integrating the knowledge management system into Salesforce using the SLDS best practices.

Both our teams have continued cooperating to develop even more beneficial features specifically for Salesforce.

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  • Design of custom per-user OAuth authentication;
  • Implementation of multi-language support on Salesforce;
  • Design of the upload file process directly from Salesforce to Shelf;
  • Development of a feature to link multiple records (any format of) from the Shelf system to Salesforce objects;
  • Creation of a page for Shelf package configuration, making it easy to manage;
  • Respecting Shelf IKMS authorization (permissions) on Salesforce;
  • Implementation of a smart recommendation system that recommends Shelf IKMS content based on Salesforce record data;
  • Using the PSPDFKit, GraphQL, and the flexibility of the Lightning Components framework added support to view different types of content, such as document, video, audio, article, image, FAQ, etc;
  • Creation of a managed package for Shelf App. It provides a light installation and simplifies the update process for subscribers.

Facing Salesforce challenges? Need a reliable partner?

Book a free consultation today!
Results achieved
  • Integrated Shelf’s functionality into the Salesforce system;
  • Helped the client join the Salesforce market;
  • Allowed Shelf clients retrieve relevant information in Salesforce, search it, associate it with Salesforce records, and get recommendations from the Shelf knowledge management system based on record data;
  • Offered much broader support of content to the Salesforce system. It is now displaying different types of files: audio, video, documents, decision trees, and others;
  • Saved time for users who were interacting with content since there was no need to leave Salesforce to get information.
Business impact
  • Improved data security and user access control;
  • Multi-language support expanded the user base;
  • Support for various content types improved user experience with diverse media;
  • Easy installation and streamlined updates for users.
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