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Introducing the Marketing
Cloud Experts

Unleashing the full potential of Salesforce through our proven expertise and experience
“We build our relationships with clients on full-on transparency – the only way to guarantee the best service on the market. Noltic is a Salesforce Summit Consulting Partner with over 300 Salesforce certifications. Our Marketing Cloud architects, consultants and developers are fully equipped to deliver the full spectrum of Salesforce Marketing Cloud capabilities”  
Marketing Cloud Lead
20x Certified Salesforce Architect
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist. Salesforce Architect
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Personalization Specialist
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Specialist
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator

Unlock the Power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud
with Our Expert Services

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts will provide turnkey Salesforce Marketing Cloud
configuration from email automation to almost automatically generated marketing content.
You can rely on them to:
Build personalized customer journeys from acquisition to retention
Automate highly targeted email and mobile message delivery
Integrate Salesforce with external marketing tools
Integrate Salesforce with external marketing tools

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Noltic

Our approach to Marketing Cloud implementation
Discover your need
It’s when we find out everything about our clients’ businesses and their own customers. Together we discover why and how the service would be of help, and build our strategy for the future. Our team uses their competence here to cover Salesforce Marketing Cloud consulting and propose the best applicable solutions.
Set up the environment
The basics – we install the required packages and perform Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration with the existing setup. It’s a really delicate task of making sure the data is in order and updated correctly. Plus, we always make sure to achieve that intuitive data layout for daily users and get every external channel into one place.
Our developers work with complementary technologies and customers’ internal teams to create a content database and use it as we move forward. It includes HTML/CSS web pages, content blocks, templates and emails. The main challenge here is to have a clear understanding of the audience, so this step includes LOTS of communication. The content will be then processed using AMPscript to create templates, targeted campaigns with CloudPages and many automation layers.
Customize and work on add-ons
To make the Marketing Cloud setup match our clients’ needs, we work on custom details. The goal here is to adjust what Salesforce offers to drive the maximum ROI. For everyone, it varies, but there are some patterns. We work on a deep level of personalization using AI, automation triggers and advanced intelligence of every platform. We build omnichannel customer journeys. We set up advertising campaigns. We do anything needed.
Send, collect & report on data
After the core job is done, the continuous process starts running. We send emails or SMS messages, gather user data, process it under utmost scrutiny and give out the verdict – is it working? It is actually the most popular scope of work we’re hired for – to analyze the data and set up stable reporting to base decisions on. It’s also convenient to have Einstein AI that we can trust to take on some processes at this stage.
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