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What is Salesforce Service Cloud good for?

Helping you do great work and have every client within immediate reach
Salesforce Service Cloud is by definition designed to tailor to customer support teams, making it easier to hit their targets. It’s a setup that provides clearness to the agents, opens up automation and integration possibilities, and encourages the best possible ways of issue resolution with a strong AI tech stack behind it.
Increase in agent productivity
Faster first contact resolution
Increase in customer retention

Salesforce Service Cloud as done by Noltic

We create a customized and unified environment
We have worked with businesses of all sizes that needed the technology to empower their customer support teams’ capabilities. But even though the goal is usually the same, the path is different every time, and we’re excited for new challenges. Salesforce provides unique openness for all kinds of customizations and integrated services that go way beyond the Salesforce license plan. When supported by experienced Salesforce engineers, you will unlock the potential to hold everything in one place and respond to your customers with no setbacks
We build omnichannel connections with clients
Building an effective support circle around the customer means aligning with their preferred communication channels. Luckily, Salesforce is the tool for ultimate omnipresence. We have strong experience and knowledge base in implementing a Service Cloud setup for teams managing support requests in chats, emails, calls, and even out in the field. And with AI-powered workflow solutions like automated case routing to the best suitable support agent, there will be no mess in the load distribution.
We provide training and tech support
Even the most professional support agents need some support for themselves. We cover that with thorough training sessions for your teammates, ensuring the company employees’ proficiency in the Salesforce environment. Salesforce Service Cloud is a constantly evolving platform, and we know our way around all the latest enhancements. We’ll teach the team about best case management practices, the report creation process, and overall smart Salesforce usage.

Team of Salesforce Service Cloud experts

Service Cloud Lead
Tetiana is the architect behind most of our Service Cloud projects, having over 9 years of Salesforce experience. She is a reliable Salesforce Service Cloud consultant for our biggest clients, a supportive mentor for junior colleagues, and a professional matchmaker of technologies and business needs.
Volodymyr has built the system architectures for our biggest clients with stellar feedback. He worked for large nonprofits and professional service companies, and he knows how to include Service Cloud in a pack with multiple other cloud solutions so that they work impeccably.
Andrii is an internally nurtured expert who independently implements complex systems in the Service Cloud environment including Field Service. He often shares his knowledge through lectures and workshops for students aspiring to learn Salesforce.

Special extra somethings
for the support agents

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Connect with
the world effortlessly
CheckMyNumber is Noltic’s in-house AppExchange app that is perfect for support teams to have their customers’ phone numbers in a ready-to-dial format. This product can format, validate, and parse phone numbers from all over the world directly in Salesforce.
Tip! Works perfectly with the Service Cloud Voice Click-to-Dial feature
Tracky: Field Tracking & SLA Compliance Tool for Salesforce
Revolutionize your auditing process
Tracky is another app by Noltic that is a great fit for SLA – Service Level Agreement – tracking. It shows you how and when any field value in Salesforce has changed, which is perfect for case management. Tracky will provide information about the case status – show the old and new data, and the timestamps of its change.

It fits into the existing Salesforce Service Cloud features, making the experience and results even better.
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