Designing Salesforce solutions with beautiful UI and impeccable UX

Powerful business solutions should look and feel good.
What does UI/UX bring to Salesforce?
Powerful business solutions should look and feel good.
And none the less important, pretty.
/ Specific Salesforce UI/UX knowledge
Noltic has 11 Salesforce Certified Architects, and each of them has the expertise needed to leverage Salesforce limits and opportunities. There’s never going to be any font, prompt or icon not suitable for the Salesforce environment in our design systems.
That’s why our services stand out. Our clients don’t have to spend extra time and money on rebuilding design systems that were created with little to no awareness about what can and can’t go into Salesforce.
How do we do it?
Lightning Web Components
To suit most specific requests, we will not only build simple design patterns, but also create completely custom systems.
Meet Mykhailo, our top LWC expert with deep experience-rooted knowledge of the highest standards in composing UIs. Mykhailo successfully delivers LWC solutions for our key clients – Hire Genius and other projects.

Synergizing with UI/UX minds

To make sure the UI/UX services for Salesforce solutions properly reflect product value, we use a winning strategy – power of two – to combine skills in development and design. We work with those savvy with UI/UX design services, just like we are with Salesforce implementation.
We’re open to collaborating with UI/UX designers either from our own network or those from the client’s team to deliver usable designs for potent Salesforce solutions. In collaborations like this, we customize Salesforce modules for each product with wireframes, researching as many potential use cases as possible.

We provide UI/UX consulting services, specific to the Salesforce environment, to help our design partners gain a deep understanding of its peculiarities.
We’re confident that our main advantage is being well rounded in Salesforce technologies, and not spreading ourselves thin by trying to cover every corner of the market. 

Noltic’s brand is all about personal approach and close attention to every project. It allows our clients to reap the benefits in time, cost and value.
Ihor Petrovych
CEO at Noltic

Look at the UI/UX solutions we
implemented with Salesforce

Designing an all-in-one digital tool to combine every aspect of the recruitment process
We’re solving sophisticated problems, and they’ve always made my visions into reality.
Daniel Malka, Founder, Ideologist and Product Owner
Making appointment booking look delightful for a luxury goods company
Committed to keeping up with vendor trends and delivering on their promises, Noltic is a reliable partner
Project Manager
UI/UX design system for an online community of changemakers
I was most impressed by the way that they became invested in the product and really worked with us as a partner
Jeremy Nurse, Co-founder at Ideal State
/ Start a Marketing Cloud project

Create a Salesforce UI/UX design

/ Create a Salesforce UI/UX design

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