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Incorporating data culture with Tableau
One of the most powerful analytics instruments for any industry aligned with Salesforce generates CRM magic.
Decrease in time to analyze information
Increase in business user productivity
Increase in possibilities
Benefits of Salesforce Analytics consulting services
Why get started with CRM Analytics
Visualization of your business
Responsive dashboards, meaningful layouts, and trend reports bring every aspect of business operations into one screen with zero irrelevance taking up the space. 
Human-friendly data for every employee
CRM Analytics supports native language questions for non-advanced Salesforce users. It will be a great asset to every team member to quickly check what’s important for their daily work.
Prioritizing the important
CRM Analytics can be targeted at specific areas of business and skip over less important stuff. It works with every piece of data, but it’s also good at bringing the most crucial things into the spotlight. 
Adding value with Salesforce Einstein AI
Predictive AI seeing right through the CRM to enrich what’s in there
Einstein 1 Platform and endless AI extensions for Salesforce cloud solutions are changing the game as you scroll this page. AI consumes massive pools of data and, just like a separate member of your analytics team would, draws intelligent conclusions and hands them over right in the Salesforce CRM.

Leveraging AI capabilities in analytics setups, we notice rapid growth in the efficiency of businesses we consult. Salesforce Einstein takes over most mundane tasks and frees up time for strategic evaluation of proposals and predictions it offers. It can even point to exact areas of growth and scalability to make sure business owners don’t miss out on the potential.
Putting analytics into action with Data Cloud
The new Salesforce product goes beyond mere data aggregation – it's about placing the customer front and center.
Data Cloud ensures your data is readily accessible across all Salesforce applications – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Tableau, and MuleSoft. Taking advantage of Salesforce Einstein AI, it drives automation in business processes based on deep data analysis and smart insights.

Noltic’s advanced team of Salesforce Certified Architects architects has already started their Data Cloud journey to provide our customers with that powerful edge over the competition.
Noltic’s Salesforce Analytics consulting services
To support you in making the best start in the analytics journey, we do thorough Salesforce Analytics consulting. Our service packages can vary from a quick consultation with an expert to developing a major strategy for your internal team to follow.
The businesses usually have some analytics setup in place before they decide to incorporate Salesforce CRM Analytics. Our services ensure a seamless transition that preserves data integrity with care and attention to details.
We conduct thorough audits of your Salesforce Analytics setup, identifying gaps and action points. Our goal is to enhance data accuracy for more informed decisions and increased performance of your team.
Our team of Salesforce Analytics consultants offers comprehensive assistance, from troubleshooting technical issues to providing ongoing guidance and training. We ensure you maximize the potential of all analytics tools.
Adding all sources of information to one setup decreases the number of clicks to make when checking on your business. After completing the Salesforce Analytics integration you’ll have the revenue channels, social media, website data and more in one place.
As visualized data is most easily comprehended, we develop interactive graphs for you to access at any moment. We recommend putting the most important dynamics in the first screen for instant checkups.
Your team’s daily work is a valuable source of information on important metrics when developing a customized setup. To include them all and set the right access levels is then on us as a Salesforce Analytics integration partner.
Having a reliable Salesforce analytics setup opens up new logical conclusions that might have been otherwise overlooked. With AI to back it up, this powerful piece of technology can even pinpoint the exact areas of growth and scalability to make sure business owners don’t miss out on the potential.

Just keep in mind that the AI outputs are only as good as the data inputs it consumes.
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