Easy quote-to-cash with Salesforce Revenue Cloud directly in the CRM

Curated solutions for Sales and Finance reps to coordinate in upscaling business profit
*Requires a Sales Cloud setup
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increase of revenue growth rate for companies with established RevOps
“We get how much depends on the daily job of RevOps – order management, quote and invoice creation, discount approvals and contract adjustments.

We are a business ourselves, and we know how having these processes out of sync affects everyone. We also know how to best apply everything the Salesforce platform offers to create perfectly customized digital CRM-based solutions for a seamless ERP & revenue flow.”
Vlad Petrovych
CTO/Co-founder at Noltic

Every part of Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation professionally handled

Smart selling cycle
Enjoy rapid and accurate quoting through guided sales process and automated flows with error-preventive mechanisms and custom dependency rules. Our team of engineers will also help you leverage AI powers to implement smart suggestions for relevant upselling.
Clear pricing options
Set pricing limits for reps’ consideration while making custom offers. Use various pricing models – one-time, subscriptions, and usage-based charges, all in different currencies. All inside your familiar CRM.
Flexible contract management
Get the books in order with contract amendment control – easy both for your customer and for your business. We can help you set up automated approval requests, add-on quote generation, and recurring communication.
Timely payment processing
We will build an environment for you to easily handle various payment lifecycles – monthly, quarterly, annual, or other. Unified invoicing with a built-in scheduler for each charge type you process will be especially cherished within the financial team.
Multi-channel transactions
Thanks to the rich selection of AppExchange products, we’ll be able to configure almost any payment system of your business’ choice. The payment collection will also be accompanied by corresponding communication to keep the customers informed.
Adjustable payment schedule
We will make sure you’re prepared for any unexpected adjustments to your clients’ contracts and charges, even if they come in the middle of the payment lifecycle. Thanks to one source of truth in the CRM, each team member will have access to accurate data.
Salesforce Subscription Management
Independent client purchases
We build our solutions for the users to be able to handle the features by themselves. Our customers’ clients should have the same experience. With Subscription Management, they will have their orders in direct reach to make all needed payments or adjustments on time.
Best e-commerce practices
To make the relationship between our customers and their clients even smoother, we can build a recognizable e-com environment with a comprehensive and clear product catalogue and accurate availability and pricing data for a quick self-checkout.
Multiple selling platforms
It will be extremely easy to use any platform to purchase a product, subscription, or add-on. We work with our customers’ platforms – mobile apps, websites, integrations into other vendors’ services – anything to come closer to the client and become their recurring choice.

A team of certified Revenue Cloud pros

Sales Cloud Lead
Serhii is a guru of complex architectures, having led the implementation of the most unique and challenging projects. He is a professional Salesforce Revenue Cloud consultant who’s always on the lookout for new sales and revenue cycle improvements to adopt in future projects and even Noltic’s internal operations.
Andrii is a professional in Personalization and CPQ tools for big businesses, especially those specializing in financial services. He has successfully optimized the spend-to-revenue rate for big banking institutions with his work.
Oleh is a versatile implementer of Revenue Cloud solutions for businesses. He leads the teams that work with Salesforce Billing, Salesforce CPQ, and Salesforce Subscription Management to structure the financial flows with advanced technology.
Pavlo has loads of proven expertise in Revenue Cloud projects, having successfully built up the Billing and CPQ technology on Sales Cloud setups he has also implemented.
Trusted by partners
We implement many Revenue Cloud projects in close partnerships with our friends. This goes to show how Noltic supports ideas with talent – the most potent tool of all.
“Noltic are very responsive, flexible in the ways of working, and have exceptional Salesforce knowledge and expertise.”
Barney Haywood
Co-founder at Futureform
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