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Structurizing orders and support processing for eManualOnline – an Ecommerce retailer of digital manuals

Noltic has modified and enhanced an existing Salesforce setup for an e-commerce platform providing repair and maintenance manuals. The work on the support channels, refund and dispute system resulted in 50% decrease in response time and spot-on issue resolving.

Company profile
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eManualOnline is a digital repair and maintenance manuals retailer varying from manuals for jewelry, watches and toys to their most popular category – cars. They have been supplying 2,500,000+ workshop materials to DIYers and professionals for over 13 years now.

Business Challenge

The client team has already been using Salesforce services, however, they needed to switch to another vendor to support the system, implement some new features and optimize the production cost while still receiving quality service from a licensed Salesforce partner. The eManualOnline team was also using the Magento e-commerce service that needed synchronization with Salesforce.

The search for the right vendor resulted in a top-5 selection, of which Noltic was considered to be the best option taking into account expertise, estimated time and cost efficiency of the delivery. The work on the project promised a smooth start since at Noltic, we use the same project management and communication tools as the eManualOnline team does. Apart from that, we have matched on the common ground of Ukrainian origin of developers on both sides.

Our client has pointed out the personal attention and full availability that our team provided. Through the work process, our developers have discovered possible solutions that went out of the initial scope and presented them to the customer. The implementation of those solutions helped optimize the costs and further automate customer’s operations.

Our solutions

Improve order processing and customer support with Noltic's expertise in Salesforce.

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  • Implementation of custom refund options as well as an API-based dispute resolution service directly in Salesforce instead of third-party services for seamless customer experience and prompt issue resolving;
  • Automated synchronization of completed refunds in Salesforce and Magento systems for customers to receive immediate notifications;
  • Implementation of a customized built-in Salesforce live chat and Facebook chat for  effective support operations and decreased response time including text templates, agent load distribution and an option to submit a form when no agent is available;
  • Integration of Magento order records into Salesforce and establishing a connection between them and the corresponding customer records;
  • Implementation of a customer review surveys varying for customers stating different levels of satisfaction with notifications to the support agents regarding unhappy customers for better customer experience and satisfaction.

Facing Salesforce challenges? Need a reliable partner?

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Results achieved
  • 38% monthly decrease in email and contact forms received, redirecting the support into live chat channels for quicker response and issue resolution;
  • Average response time decrease to 6 hours – 50% of what it has been before;
  • Optimized support agents’ workflow resulting in better employee satisfaction and reduced working hours;
  • 60 minutes of response time to unsatisfied customers leaving 1-3 stars in their reviews that made it possible to resolve the issue on the spot or improve the service for the future.

Less email and contact forms received, redirecting the support into live chat


Average response time decrease

Business impact
  • Improved issue resolution efficiency with the implementation of custom refund options;
  • Immediate notifications fostered transparency and customer satisfaction;
  • Customized support operations optimized agent load distribution;
  • Centralized data management enhanced operational efficiency;
  • Faster agents' response times and better customer feedback.
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