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From concept through development to marketplace, we bring your AppExchange product to life with our end-to-end expertise in Salesforce Product Development Outsourcing verified by Salesforce Navigator
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We are a trusted Crest ISV Salesforce partner and an experienced Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer, having brought to life more than 20 custom applications both for internal and external usage.
What does Salesforce Product Development Outsourcing mean?
Salesforce AppExchange products cover the gaps in the Salesforce infrastructure with custom solutions – whether it’s to overcome the Lightning system limitations or to create a completely new feature set for some more specific needs. It’s also a huge business development opportunity for aspiring ISV partners who aim to enter or grow in the emerging AppExchange market that is now 5000+ listings large.Engaging in Salesforce app development services benefits both the enterprise and the ESMB to scale up daily operations without having to add more working hours to their schedule. It makes sense to delegate it to professionals, and developing AppExchange products is exactly what Noltic’s specialization covers.

We can cover the whole cycle
or step in on any stage

Guiding you through every phase of AppExchange app development
Ideation & Value Proposition
UI/UX Design
Development & QA
Release Management
Security Review
AppExchange Listing & Submission
AppExchange Trials & Demo
Package Review & Optimization
Marketing Support
Product Support
Ideation & Value Proposition

Based on our experience with AppExchange app development services, we don't require our client to have a distinctive vision for what has to be delivered. We will shape the idea into a detailed business plan for a profitable, cohesive, and fit-for-market solution. To discover the product value, purpose and a fair pricing strategy, we go into deep market research that includes conducting a competitors’ analysis and unveiling end user pain points.

Combining analytics and our extensive Salesforce PDO experience, we’ll cover the whole ideation process for your Salesforce product to be meaningful, irreplaceable, and successful. It will help you stand far out from the crowd of 5000+ existing AppExchange apps.


With a team of 11 Salesforce Certified Architects, we’re able to construct reliable application architectures of any complexity level and confidently introduce the most efficient approach. Among our projects, there are sophisticated Salesforce-based platforms with multiple levels of data integration with and without third-party services connection.

When we incorporate your requirements into our expertise, you will receive a straightforward AppExchange product roadmap with a hand-picked feature set, expert recommendations coming from our own experience, and detailed corresponding tech documentation.

UI/UX Design

We make it pretty. Let’s be honest, ugly-looking interfaces requiring half a dozen clicks to get to the point should not be a thing anymore in B2B solutions. The apps we create are easily navigable with delightfully simple and accessible designs regardless of their technical complexity. To achieve this, we have our trusted network of niche UI/UX specialists to collaborate on Salesforce projects, but we are also very much open to working with designers from our clients’ end.

Our goal is to bring more ease to the user experience when browsing the product and resolving issues. We spotlight every needed feature without hoarding them. The best budget-saving technique we use in that area is our experience with the Salesforce environment. Our team knows everything about the design elements’ compatibility, and that gives our clients the advantage of doing it right from the first try without spending the resources on what will not work out in the end.

Development & QA

This is what we do all day every day. First, we estimate the project duration and resource requirements, select the project management system and define the acceptance criteria. Then our tech experts do their magic. Our Salesforce engineers are a team of certified developers capable of successfully delivering all kinds of complex and simple AppExchange apps.

For each project, we’ll pick a dev team that will be a perfect fit for our client’s needs with the right expertise set and industry focus. We offer agile Salesforce application development allowing speedy and collaborative adjustments. After that, we perform multiple and thorough QA tests that have proven to be uncompromising in their quality – quite on-brand for Noltic.

Release Management

Developing and testing an app only goes so far – releasing it on AppExchange is another piece of work. For the products getting on the market, we set up the platform environment, deploy the solution and immediately start getting ready for the next release. We plan the scope of work for the next versions, and it requires defining the functionality that will follow the initial MVP-stage Salesforce app.

Releasing the upgrades also calls for user acceptance testing, which means collecting feedback from the first customers and turning it into a backlog of tasks that will consequently make the product better. Not all bugs are created equal, but for every one of them, there’ll be a fix version available on AppExchange.

Security Review

Security Review can be tricky, and you have to be well prepared for a thorough product inspection. But
just like a good lawyer, we’ll make our client’s defense impeccable and backed with evidence – scans and
documentation. This means not only passing the test and making it onto the AppExchange platform, but
also making the app a truly secure solution that will protect the user data that goes into it.

Our team will guide the client through the process, make sure that every piece of business and technical documentation is in place and in accordance with Salesforce requirements, and finally submit it for approval. We are always on the lookout for data protection best practices to detect every sort of system vulnerability, and as a result, we have a 100% success rate in passing security reviews. Our expertise extends to Salesforce mobile development solutions, ensuring that mobile apps are equally secure and compliant with all standards.

AppExchange Listing & Submission

We create, publish and manage AppExchange listings that will be the best display of the products we deliver. To reach the right audience, we work with our clients to put together the right visuals, highlight the product value, prepare user documentation, write compelling and SEO-optimized listing content, and set up all the technicalities.

One particularly important technicality we cover is pricing setup with corresponding payment management.
We adjust both aspects to cater to the business needs of the client and the client’s customers. On top
of that, we’ll help properly report income based on our experience as a professional Salesforce
AppExchange development company.

AppExchange Trials & Demo

To bring the solution closer to the end user, AppExchange products need to have a trial option available
through LMA, TMO, or TestDrive. For each type of trial – either those that allow the customer to install
the product in their org or those requiring a demo org setup, we’ll make sure to deliver the fullest
experience and secure those closed deals.

For some apps, the users will need a guided demo session, and guess what? We can arrange that too.
Taking the solution directly to the customer increases the chances of him staying with the product in
the long run by providing an opportunity to personalize the message, address specific requests, and suit
the display of the feature set to the user's unique business needs.

Package Review & Optimization

For the AppExchange products that have already hit the market, we help address any issues with the architecture, performance or user experience. We know how remodeling a product can be even more challenging than building it from scratch, and we won’t ignore any bottlenecks that give our clients’ competitors a chance to raise the stakes. We will test, suggest and implement new approaches for better usability, optimization and customer satisfaction.

But at the same time – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That means our full attendance to the product’s
proven core value and making sure it only gets strengthened and highlighted.

Marketing Support

We help drive the audience to your solution by leveraging the tools Salesforce has to offer as well as the
general product marketing techniques. Investing resources into product marketing is a sure way to avoid
stagnation and missing out on new opportunities that consequently lets other solutions take up the

We use analytics and personal experience to define product value, paint a detailed picture of the target
personas and execute a comprehensive go-to-market strategy. Among the instruments we use are Salesforce
Marketing Cloud, AppExchange Marketing Program and even some direct connections in the Salesforce
Community that can be beneficial for the sales cycle.

Product Support

Whenever possible, we build self-maintainable product architecture that doesn’t require large support
efforts. However, whenever it’s necessary, we cover all the post-release work, add new features and fix
issues. Our team tracks Salesforce apps’ performance to make sure the tech stack is falling under the
most current requirements regarding load management, feature usage and maintainability according to the
newest Salesforce updates. As a leading Salesforce application development company, we release the corresponding upgrades and support them with version
documentation to help track product progress.

We understand that the most important source of information is customers’ inquiries and issues that help
grow in the right direction. Thus, we also provide customer support to help install the product
properly, collect feedback, and ensure a continuous and meaningful improvement cycle.

Introducing our Salesforce App Development experts

Unleashing the full potential of Salesforce custom app development through our proven expertise and experience.
PDO Lead
Salesforce Certified Architect experienced in SaaS AppExchange products full-cycle development and support in a running big corporate environment. He is successfully managing a product development team that has grown from 1 to 10 people in a 3-year project, and he is a guru of the newest Salesforce tech stack
Salesforce Certified Architect experienced in managed package delivery with multi-platform integration (iOS and Android). Independent decision maker capable of managing complex loaded architectures and turning them into intuitively navigable solutions
Salesforce Architect experienced in the latest practices of AppExchange product development. Proficient in deep product research and advanced technologies including Salesforce AI. He is the tech visionary behind some of the most complex projects we delivered
Salesforce Engineer experienced in data integration and developing 2GP products. He has a strong background in file management AppExchange solutions and knows how to develop apps that overcome the Salesforce data upload limitations
Salesforce Engineer experienced in developing and maintaining ready-to-use solutions with strong security features. He is responsible for the release management of our CheckMyNumber solution which is set on a strict upgrade cycle with a continuous increase of automated and declarative features
Salesforce Engineer experienced in reviewing and upgrading solutions for multiple domains. He has an eye for detail and can spot a performance issue even before it happens, which helps preventive optimization.

Applications we delivered

Explore the array of applications we've successfully delivered, spanning a diverse range of industries and functionalities.
Barcode App Customizable for Various Business Needs
Top-rated by clients
(87% of feedback is 5-star)
“Their combination of technical talent, excellent interpersonal and communication skills is particularly impressive”
Michael Robbins
Apex, Aura, Ionic, Cordova, Force REST API, Capacitor, Heroku 
USA, Global
Recruitment business platform based on Salesforce
“They’re knowledgeable about Salesforce, provide excellent quality, and have a fantastic attitude. We ran into significant technical challenges, all of which they’ve easily overcome. Whenever I demo the product, it works well. They’ve always delivered in a timely manner.”
Founder, Ideologist
Apex, Aura, Marketing Cloud,  Lightning Web Components, Node.js & AWS, Visualforce, REST APIs (web services and integration)
A financial planning app for an ISV partner
“Noltic are very responsive, flexible in the ways of working, and have exceptional Salesforce knowledge and expertise.”
Co-founder at Futureform
Barney Haywood
Apex, Async Apex, REST API, Lightning Components, Lightning Web Component, REST/SOAP Integrations, SFDX, Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Platform, Security Review
App Development for Contract Management Platform
“Thanks to Noltic, the app has been published and is working perfectly. They went above and beyond the project scope, assisting with everything from development to documentation.”
CTO & Co-Founder
Oleg Zaremba
Managed Package, Integrations, Customer 360
Digital identity solution based
on Salesforce and blockchain 
“We were impressed with their strong background in complementary development technologies and communication skills.”
Audrius Ramoska
Apex, Async Apex, Aura, Bulk API, Community Cloud, REST API, Flows, Lightning Community, Lightning Components, Lightning Pages, Lightning Web Components, REST/SOAP Integrations, SFDX, Validation Rules, Visualforce
Knowledge management SaaS product
integration into Salesforce
“They’re very strong technically and have a lot of knowledge on Salesforce. I’ve worked with a lot of external partners, and that’s where Noltic stands out.”
Tobias Jaeckel
Apex, GraphQL, Lightning Out, Managed Package, PSPDFKit, Security Review, Single sign-on (SSO), Visualforce, Lightning Web Components, REST API
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