Performance-ready Salesforce data migration and integration

A quick and smooth transition from spreadsheets to dynamic dashboards.

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Noltic’s way around data

As Salesforce consultants, we cover all simple and complex ETL operations with data in Salesforce and between separate systems.
Irreplaceable for reporting and analytics purposes, data extraction is not as simple as it seems. We perform custom extraction of specific Salesforce fields and records in a required order which is most needed done by a professional when organizations lack some structure.
Data transformation
We have seen many cases of duplicate overload, mismatched fields and consequent data losses. With proper automation tools and thorough field mapping, we help companies organize their data in the Salesforce CRM and operate their businesses efficiently with no downtime.
We execute end-to-end data migration with care and precaution to help businesses move their operations quickly and ensure the best experience in that sometimes troubling process. Our team has all needed experience and data migration tools for Salesforce and other platforms to provide the best service quality.
By connecting data from disparate sources, businesses see the full picture in one preferred system, and our team is fully equipped to do that integration seamlessly. Data integration with Salesforce – incoming and outgoing – helps keep up the dynamics of daily operations and resource planning.

Tools and technologies

Noltic's selection of proven big and small instruments to perform successful Salesforce data operations daily.

Noltic’s team of integration professionals

ETL & Data Integration Lead
Taras is a Node.js architect leading our stream that deals with Salesforce integrations. He is bold with his decisions, and we can’t hide it – they never fail.
Anna has taken on data migration and integration for our biggest clients, and is constantly praised for her handling of the most tangled databases.
Marta is a skilled developer and data engineer who adds on the team with her knowledge of the latest updates in JavaScript frameworks and scripts.
A peek into our Salesforce data consultant’s daily work
Oleh, our renowned specialist in Salesforce data-related services, unveils the steps to a successful data migration.

Stories from our clients

Node.js, AWS, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL
Automated data integration for consistency of CPQ & ERP
Our automation cut manual workload, allowing simultaneous use of preferred ERP and CPQ systems. We introduced scalable data handling for emergencies and enhanced security using AWS best practices.
Retail, Hospitality
Angular, Apache Kafka, Change Data Capture, Email-to-Case, Heroku Connect, Node.js, Omnichannel, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Bulk API, REST API, SFDX
Complex solution architecture with multiple integrations
for HoReCa
The solution had to be integrated with multiple 3rd-party systems including payment gateways and order management. With Heroku Connect and various APIs we did just that.

“The team from Noltic determines scope with careful forethought and demonstrates extensive technical and industry expertise throughout their work.”

Aymeric Pezé
Head of the CRM at Hospitality Digital
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