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Why do taxes, audits, and accounting in Salesforce?

Salesforce + AppExchange solutions

Noltic has been doing FinancialForce implementation long before they became Certinia. We know how well they complement the Salesforce platform, and we’re excited to improve our clients’ setups with their customer-centric solution.

Certinia allows for excellent Salesforce integration with ERP processes. It will suit businesses that want to watch over their finances mindfully and notice potential leaks in profit before they become an issue.

We provide Certinia (FinancialForce) establishment and tech support to set up a convenient platform for all things finance – billing, spending, predictions, and opportunities to grow efficiently.
We have a long history of implementing AccountingSeed for our clients, and it’s always a success. This is a fully native Salesforce app that combines accounting and ERP features, covering general ledgers, billing, PSA, and fund and project accounting.

Within the Salesforce community, AccountingSeed has an established reputation for being able to consolidate businesses’ back offices into one platform. They are a perfect match for customers looking for operational efficiency.

Noltic’s team of experts provides a full cycle of implementation and support for AccountingSeed solutions.
Tracky is our in-house product built for SLA and audit purposes. It tracks the changes in Salesforce fields and provides old & new timestamps and values. Tracky’s functionality exceeds the limits given by Salesforce and proves to deliver great added value for conducting audits of fiscal data.

Noltic’s experts for accounting needs

Salesforce Accounting Lead
Orest is an expert in building complex multilevel architectures for big banks and insurance. He is a Salesforce Certified Architect and a brilliant Accounting Seed consultant.
Mykhailo brings years of experience in Salesforce platform architecture building. His skills help big businesses as well as junior colleagues structure data and reach success.
Olga is one of our internally nurtured Salesforce developers. She has worked on high tech projects with high appraisal from our clients.
Andrii is a specialist of Accounting Seed implementation for big clients. He has deep knowledge of data structuring, specifically for ERP optimization.
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