March 5, 2021

Clutch: Noltic is one of the world’s best Salesforce providers 2021

Great news! The leading B2B ratings and reviews platform listed us among the top 15 companies specialized in Salesforce services. The annual report is based on the verified client feedback.

Noltic has been named the top IT Services provider for 2021 in the Salesforce category by Clutch.

The honor is reserved for organizations based on a variety of criteria including verified, positive reviews, brand recognition, social media presence, and their ability to deliver.

A Clutch Account Executive Gaplian Sivasithamparam noted that finding the right IT services provider is important for businesses to consider, as the market evolves: “Their Clutch reviews speak to their level of commitment to their clients.”

During Noltic`s three-year history, Clutch has awarded consecutive honors to the company. In 2019 Noltic was listed as a leading Ukrainian IT and business services company, in 2020 was named as top Salesforce experts in Ukraine and as one of the top CRM consultants of the year.

“We always want to work with the ambitious clients and find ourselves among the best and the most ambitious companies,” said Igor Petrovych, a Managing Partner of Noltic. “In 2020, Noltic had its most productive year yet. I am sure, the key here is that we don’t do many things just okay. We focus 100% on delivering just Salesforce solutions, but we make sure to it better than anybody else”.

For more about the rating head here and more about the Noltic 2020 results head here.

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