December 4, 2020
About Noltic

Noltic is among the highest-ranked development and IT-service firms of 2020

Clutch recognized Noltic as one of the top CRM consultants of the year. We take this award as an inspiration to keep going with the same values, client-centered approach, and big goals to provide the best Salesforce service.
Top CRM consultants 2020

On December 2, 2020, Clutch, the leading B2B ratings and review platform, released its annual list of top development companies worldwide. Noltic has been ranked as one of the global leaders in CRM consulting.

Just one day before the release was published, Noltic celebrated its third anniversary. Throughout this journey, we have delivered Salesforce solutions to over 50 clients. The Clutch award 2020 became a great showcase of what we have accomplished in our third year in business.

“Amidst all the negative news this year, I was surprised to see how much we achieved as a company and how we’ve grown against all odds in 2020. Just one number says it all: Noltic growth in the 3rd year is 70%. Taking statistics away, this year turned into a good opportunity to show how united we are, even at distance. And we made it. I would like to thank all of our team and businesses we serve for doing a fantastic job during the hardest year yet and showing such amazing results. I’m very proud to work with all of you” – said Igor Petrovych, Noltic co-founder.

This message coincides perfectly with what Mike Beares, the Founder and CEO of Clutch, wrote in his letter to congratulate all the Top Development Companies award winners, including us:

“In this particularly challenging year, we have been inspired by the extraordinary ways businesses have gone above and beyond to support their employees and clients. You have exemplified a growth mindset and demonstrated incredible empathy and grit in the face of uncertainty”.

Clutch award highlighting the Noltic input in the consulting domain, outstanding quality standards, service expertise, customer-validated success in delivering complex projects, and overall brand reputation.

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December 28, 2020
About Noltic
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