December 19, 2023
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We Launched a Salesforce Field History Tracking App on AppExchange

Track crucial Salesforce data fields for effective audit, SLA and compliance with Tracky - Noltic's new product available on AppExchange.

Noltic is happy to announce the launch of Tracky, a native Salesforce field history tracking app. It's an easy-to-use tool for tracking and recording changes in value and time of Salesforce data fields.

Tracky helps perform purposeful audits, and ensure compliance with regulations and alignment with SLA business goals. The goal is to help you better track and forecast the progress, allocate corresponding resources, and manage customer satisfaction.

Features & functionality:

  • Field tracking for SLA, audit, and compliance
  • Retains field history data without expiration
  • Supports Standard and Custom objects
  • Native Salesforce reporting for audited data
  • Supports various field types including Long Text and Multiselect Picklist
  • Invocable Action to use in custom flows for developers
  • Configurable admin panel with dashboards
  • Prompt and secure in-org operations

Tracky was developed for businesses of all sizes and industries to effectively manage any data updates – customer request status, lead journey progress, or changes in user contact info. Its functionality will be most helpful for Sales, Customer Success teams, and for the higher-level management to stay on board with the current performance level.

Tracky offers a customizable configuration of which objects and fields to track and record changes for, supporting all custom objects and most standard objects. The vast majority of its features are configurable without code. Tracky will help run businesses more efficiently and effectively by providing visibility and control over field operations

"Tracky provides wide opportunities for history tracking, audit, and SLA, - said Vlad Petrovych, CTO at Noltic. - It is a valuable tool for businesses to manage their expectations around the results in selected field history tracking and set the most realistic KPIs."

Get started with Tracky now on Salesforce AppExchange.

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