September 22, 2020
About Noltic

The Power of Sincerity or Who Are Noltic?

The feeling that we don’t just create intricate solutions, but help businesses overcome challenges, save money, and increase revenue is wonderful. And everyone at Noltic is in love with it.

Whenever someone visits our office for the first time, I’m excited to show them everything and everyone. This is Mykhailo, one of our managing partners. That woman conducting a job interview in the meeting room is Olya. The guy over there, the one hiding behind the computer monitors, is Ivan. Here’s the kitchen where we have pizza parties and gather over morning coffee…

Even a short face-to-face meeting in our office can convey that ‘sense of place,’ but not all of you can meet us in person. That’s why I devote this story to you — our potential clients, employees, partners, and accidental web surfers who don’t know us personally.

The dream that came true

My name is Vladyslav, and I’m one of the three friends who had a dream. We wanted to create a perfect world of Salesforce with its own values, principles, and understanding of what a company is supposed to be. And in 2017, we made this dream come true. We founded Noltic.

At that time, we’ve already had years of experience in IT under our belt. I worked as a Salesforce architect in a world-famous company; Igor, my brother, played a crucial role in delivery and account management; Mykhailo, our friend, was the head of PMO. Our greatest aspiration (after making millions, of course) was to create a place of power where we could do what we loved while staying true to our principles. Noltic became that place.

We offer Salesforce consulting and implementation services to help small and medium businesses achieve their goals. Simply put, some of our clients need to switch from Google Sheets to a CRM system, while others want to automate their processes to increase sales. In both cases, we use Salesforce.

Most companies we work with are based in Europe (namely, Germany, Israel, and the UK), although some are headquartered in the USA and New Zealand. Each of them has their own story, unique and immensely interesting. One time, we created a solution for a huge logistics company that allowed truck drivers to do things they would never have done manually. We also built a system that would unite a wide variety of different businesses belonging to one corporation.

The feeling that we don’t just create intricate solutions, but help businesses overcome challenges, save money, and increase revenue is wonderful. And everyone at Noltic is in love with it.

In four years, we managed to assemble a team of 60 people, united by:

  • Salesforce
  • Honesty and sincerity
  • Self-discipline
  • The desire to grow both personally and professionally
  • Love for Ukraine <3

The world of business is still inhabited by people. And the fact that our clients acknowledge our sincerity and empathy builds a solid foundation for long-term partnerships. It’s also one of the major reasons our clients return with new projects.

Seeing how quickly we’re growing professionally shows me that we, as a company, have managed to become a place of power for our entire team, not just to the three co-founders. Can you imagine?

  • Nine of us are Salesforce architects, four of which became architects over the past two years
  • We successfully completed more than 45 projects, and each client remained satisfied
  • We have over 190 certificates and counting
  • This year, we became a Summit Salesforce Partner

Am I still thinking about those millions, you ask? No, I’m just happy that all these people chose to become a part of us, a vital part of Noltic. And to me, they are more than merely clients and employees. They are my friends and partners who I enjoy working with, chatting, or celebrating victories together.

This is the Noltic you can see through my eyes. I wish everyone had a chance to ‘meet’ Noltic in person. But if you can’t, let this story make up for it.

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