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Disrupting financial sector with Salesforce FinTech solution

Noltic helped the client build a Proof of Concept (PoC) to expand the functions of their client’s banking services application. The idea of the project originated from the introduction of the Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

Client & product

We started to work with 123c Consulting in 2017, and it is a true partnership. 123c Consulting is a European IT-consultancy company that provides comprehensive business advice and support with business process digitization and integration of complex IT systems, including IoT and blockchain-based technology.


Noltic and 123c Consulting co-team for building a few SFDC-based solutions. The very first project together was creating a Proof of Concept (PoC) for bank services application. This directive permits banks operating in the EU to open up their customer data to third-party firms with the consent of customers. The idea originated from the Payment Services Directive (PSD2).


The client’s aim was to present the opportunity of creating new financial products with the help of external vendors. The target audience were financial institutions. 123c Consulting had an idea to expand the standard functionality of the bank account by providing collective accounts to manage money collected for shared activities.


To overcome this business challenge, the European IT-consultancy were in search of a capable Salesforce consulting and development partner who could create a Proof of Concept for the bank mobile and web applications from start to finish. Noltic became the right fit.


  • Salesforce consulting in the area of correct licenses and architectural solutions
  • Development of Salesforce backend and mobile frontend for the POC
    implementation of SFDC-based “layer” between the Bank Open API and the mobile/web application
  • Creation of virtual bank accounts to collect money from groups of people for their specific goals and purposes
  • Providing virtual separation between the users’ money in personal accounts and virtual group accounts


We’ve helped our client show non-banking firms a proven opportunity to compete in the payment business and create new financial products by utilizing the data of financial institutions.


The Proof of Concept we’ve created:


  • helped the client to expand the standard functionality of the bank account and provide the operations needed for bank customers that did not previously exist


  • implemented fast money transfer from personal accounts to virtual group accounts


  • created virtual account statements, including account balance information and details of each transfer (who transferred money and how much into this virtual group account)

“We were impressed with their strong background in complementary development technologies and communication skills.”

Audrius Ramoska

123c Consulting MB

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