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Creating an innovative Proof of Concept for a bank

Noltic helped the client build a Proof of Concept (PoC) to expand the functions of their client’s banking services application. The idea of the project originated from the introduction of the Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

Client & product

Our client, 123c Consulting, is a European IT consulting company that operates in the finance sector. The company provides comprehensive business advice and support on different matters concerning business process digitization and integration of complex IT systems.


The directive permits banks operating in the EU to disclose their customers’ data to third-party firms with the customer’s consent. Most importantly, the directive prompts banks to expose their APIs to third parties, eliminating the banks’ customer data monopoly and paving the way for innovation in the finance field.


123c Consulting’s idea was to allow financial institutions to create new financial products with the help of an external vendor.


Noltic has a successful track-record of previously cooperating with 123c Consulting, so it wasn’t surprising when the client asked the company to develop a Proof of Concept. The PoC had to expand the basic functions of the mobile and web applications of a bank, implementing joint accounts to manage money collected for shared activities.


Noltic helped the client develop the Salesforce back end and the mobile front end of the PoC. Primarily, we created a Salesforce-based layer between Bank Open API and the banking services application. Then, we developed a working mobile application that connected to Salesforce for end-users to interact with.


The newly created layer based on rich Salesforce capabilities allowed the client to expand the bank account’s standard functionality and provide customers with brand-new functions like:

  • Creating virtual bank accounts to collect money from groups of people for shared goals and purposes.
  • Virtually separating money in personal accounts and group accounts.
  • Transferring money quickly from personal accounts to virtual group accounts.
  • Showcasing virtual account statements, including account balance information and details of each transaction (who transferred money to this virtual group account and how much).


The PoC Noltic developed helped prove to European financial institutions it’s possible to provide additional high-quality services on top of the standard mobile applications banks offer.


When 123c Consulting presented the PoC to their client, the bank was extremely impressed and recognized the project by awarding it as the most innovative solution that year. More than that, the bank saw an opportunity in enhancing basic banking applications and making them more advanced and valuable for clients.

“We were impressed with their strong background in complementary development technologies and communication skills.”

Audrius Ramoska

123c Consulting MB

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