October 12, 2023
About Noltic

Noltic in 10 Most Reviewed App & Software Development Companies in Lviv

Our team continues to collect the acknowledgements of the work we do for our clients.

The Manifest lists Noltic among the most popular app and software development companies in Lviv, a second biggest tech hub in Ukraine after Kyiv. The reviews that these rankings are based on, include Salesforce solutions and AppExchange apps that we deliver for our clients.

We want to use this recognition to acknowledge our dev team that provides exceptional value in every project they’re involved in. We are extremely proud of them for bagging those awards, and the reviews from the customers speak for themselves.

We also owe a huge thank you to our clients – for trusting us with their businesses and for speaking out about their experience with us. It’s highly important for us that the level of our services is backed up by all those testimonials.

Let’s work together! Noltic’s team is always open to suggestions and requests. Contact us in any convenient way.

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