January 10, 2024
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A virtual assistant is here to meet you – CheckMyNumber v3.0 release

CheckMyNumber, a phone validation, formatting, and parsing app, now moves directly into Salesforce records. Introducing the new Assistant feature, more conditional actions, and Geocoder.

With the big release of CheckMyNumber v2.0 on AppExchange, we introduced an admin-friendly declarative UI. Now it’s taken another step up with the Phone Validation Assistant feature. It’s a responsive widget visible on records that validates all phone numbers from the record page, and intelligently offers to convert them into international formats where necessary.

Another big change is Invalid Validation Action. It’s a no-code option that allows setting a validation trigger that updates a field of choice to show, for example, that the phone number is invalid. That means, in case of a failed phone number validation, our users will still be able to insert or update the record.

CheckMyNumber v3.0 also comes with an important metadata update to v8.13.26.

And in case you missed it, there’s one more feature worth showcasing from one of our previous releases – it’s CheckMyNumber’s own Geocoder.

CheckMyNumber Geocoding returns a text description for the given phone number, in the selected language. The description might consist of the name of the country where the phone number is from, or the name of its geographical area if more detailed information is available.

It’s a Premium-only option that’s available through code, more specifically – the PhoneNumberOfflineGeocoder SDK class. However, you can quickly check out how it works on our demo site.

To see more details about CheckMyNumber v3.0, take a look at the release notes, and get the update manual from our user guide. If you’re new to CheckMyNumber, make sure to check it out on AppExchange – a free 14-day trial is available!

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