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Refer a friend

Noltic pays for recommending the right people

You don’t have to work with us to get rewarded for knowing the talents

It’s true – we love a simple vibe while working on complex solutions.

Noltic became our perfect world of Salesforce with its own values and principles. We serve our clients with clarity and expertise. And we need more extraordinary people to continue our success story and growth. If you know some, let us know.

Bonus amount

Salesforce Architect

Lviv, Ukraine

1500 USD

For recommendation

Senior Salesforce Engineer

Lviv, Ukraine

1000 USD

For recommendation

Middle Salesforce Engineer

Lviv, Ukraine

800 USD

For recommendation

Middle Software Engineer / Switch to Salesforce

Lviv, Ukraine

500 USD

For recommendation

How to recommend

  • Fill in the form or send us the message via [email protected].
  • Put the vacancy and candidate`s name into the subject field.
  • Indicate the candidate`s first and last name, technology, level.
  • Attach the CV of the candidate (or a link to a Linkedin profile with contact details).
  • Provide you contact information: name, surname, phone number, and social media link.

Refer a friend

The process


We receive a letter from you and we check your recommendation for the following criteria:

  • The candidate hasn’t been recommended by someone else.
  • The referred candidate isn’t a Temporary or Former Employee an Noltic.
  • The recruiter has not already been in dialogue with the candidate within the past 3 months.


You get a reply from us within the following 3 working days.


If the recommendation matches the criteria, we have an interview with the candidate and let you know the result.


You get rewarded after the candidate successfully completes the probationary period.

In case the candidate did not become a part of Noltic this time, your recommendation remains valid for the next 3 months. During this period we might have new vacancies that would match your friend’s skills, and then we will surely let you know!

Terms and conditions

  • The candidate has to cooperate with Noltic no later than 3 months from the referral date.
  • The candidate successfully passes the probationary period at Noltic, during which they confirm their technical level assigned upon hiring.
  • Bonus is paid in Ukrainian Hryvnia at the official National Bank of Ukraine exchange rate on the day of payment by bank wire transfer.
  • The probation period for a candidate depends on the candidate’s skills and is defined after the job interview.
  • If the level of the employee is considered lower, but they stay in the company – we reserve ourselves the right to review the amount of bonus to correspond with the lower position level.