Our Ongoing Commitment to Equality and Diversity

Noltic's founding core principle is that companies should flourish from the inside - out. Under a single roof, we bring together developers, tech specialists, experts in strategy and operations, managers, — to create complex Salesforce solutions that serve all types of organizations: from non-profits and charities to the biggest financial banks and innovative startups.

While as a company we are proud of the progress and work our team has done in building a trustful and responsible environment, we are committed to doing our utmost best to constantly keep improving the company and its contribution to our society.

Commitment is not a one-time action. Below, there are a few focuses we work on to be accountable in consistent work to make the world a better place.

Focus 1. Encouraging training on diversity and inclusion to Nolticians

As we hold a firm dedication to equipping our employees with the necessary knowledge to operate in accordance with diversity and inclusion values, Noltic’s onboarding process incorporates a compulsory three-part training on Equality and Diversity provided by Salesforce.

Our goal is to ensure that 100% of Noltic employees successfully complete the training, which remains an ongoing requirement for all new team members who join us.

In addition to Salesforce trailheads, Noltic organizes in-house events for employees to increase their awareness of diversity and inclusion whilst in a comfortable social environment.

Focus 2. Composing a diverse team starting from the leadership

Noltic has achieved a noteworthy milestone in its top management team, with women representing 50% of the leadership. Plus, in 2023, our company witnessed positive dynamics as we hired 64% women. These accomplishments highlight Noltic's commitment to fostering gender diversity and inclusion at the highest levels of the organization.

Focus 3. Building learning environments where everyone has the opportunity to push their career in tech forward

Starting in 2021, Noltic has been running our own Talent Development Program to create equal opportunities for everyone to learn and gain job-ready skills for joining the Salesforce workforce. The program reflects our commitment to the Pledge 1% initiative and its mission to create positive social impact through corporate philanthropy.

Being a Salesforce partner, Noltic provides its people with opportunities to contribute to the improvement of others through the Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program. We have allocated more than 2000 hours of paid time off for educational purposes, collaborated with 33 educational institutions, and engaged 38 Nolticians in mentoring youth, providing them with the essential skills for thriving in the technology sector. As a result, over 1000 young students have been introduced to Salesforce technology.

Focus 4. Partnering with and supporting diverse-owned businesses

We actively engage in subcontracting with agencies and businesses owned by women or internally displaced individuals with a social mission to generate additional value during our routine business operations.

Noltic's ethos is for our company and our employees to be proactive individuals who contribute to the greater good of society. That is why we stick to our ongoing commitment to equality and diversity policies and programs that we have outlined.

You are welcome to read our blog for more information on our social programs and initiatives.


Igor Petrovych, CEO