Noltic unveils a solution for uploading files from multiple sources to Salesforce

We are thrilled to reveal our custom application for uploading files from multiple sources to Salesforce. Cloud File Uploader enables users to directly upload files up to 2GB to Salesforce from 13 different sources, including the most widely used cloud storage providers: Facebook, Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, Instagram, Evernote, Flickr, OneDrive, Box, Huddle. The free app does not include any subscription payments and hidden charges.


Cloud File Uploader efficiently utilizes a highly customized UploadСare JavaScript widget, which has been adapted to native Salesforce design and Lightning experience. Additionally, the app features local file storage and remote URL upload directly to Salesforce, without the need for 3rd party services. Moreover, Cloud File Uploader fully complies with Salesforce security policies.



While providing Salesforce services to our clients, we found out that Salesforce native functionality and custom uploaders don’t provide the possibility to upload files directly from 3rd party services, like Google Drive or Dropbox, to Salesforce. Our team has gone through rigorous research, comparing various widgets and libraries they could use for this task. Most of them are incompatible with the Salesforce Locker Service, a security model that Salesforce enforces upon front-end solutions. There was no appropriate application or extension in the market, ideally suited for this specific task.


“Our company earnestly strives to not only fulfill the essential requirements of our customers but also to exceed their expectations. We’ve leveraged our extensive expertise and experience with Salesforce solutions to help the clients get maximum agility and results. To achieve this, we partnered with UploadCare to develop and launch Cloud File Uploader, which could considerably streamline the customer experience by helping Salesforce clients to seamlessly upload files from different sources to Salesforce,” says Igor Petrovych, Managing Partner and Account Director at Noltic.


Currently, we are going to gain fact-based insights and feedback from the users of Cloud File Uploader and implement a number of experimental features and improvements into the app.


Get Cloud File Uploader now for free.

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