Salesforce Powered Toolkit Framework for Ideal State

Ideal State helps organizations engaged in social good succeed in their digital transformation journey. In partnership with Noltic, the firm optimized a customer relationship management process, and developed a comprehensive custom toolkit for their community members. Noltic successfully covered implementation of subscription service, application form, customer onboarding, and more using Salesforce.

Client & product

Ideal State is a digital transformation partner to the social sector. They help NGOs, grantmakers and social enterprises reduce IT waste, boost the productivity and job satisfaction of the employees, and improve the user experience for their clients. Their services include Digital Workplace Design Design, Partner Communities, Change Management, and Knowledge Management. The company was launched in 2014 and is headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Many businesses say they want to make the world a better place. Ideal State is one of those who really do it. Noltic shares their values: both companies have a human-centered approach and drive for positive changes. This is what made our collaboration truly special.


The challenge arose when Ideal State decided to turn their Slack-based community into a full-fledged online customer community for changemakers working in nonprofits, educators, legislators, and philanthropists. The client was looking for a perfect platform to build this new community and that is where Noltic came into play with an idea to use Salesforce.


Previously, Ideal State was using Calendly scheduling software for organizing the work processes. So, to integrate its pre-existing tools into Salesforce was another important task for us. The Ideal State also had an idea of a toolkit that would include a broader functionality and additional services for the clients.


  • Designing and presenting the POC: using standard out of the box features, including external packages from AppExchange, for Salesforce Customer Community portal and implementing custom components to fulfil the missing functionality.
  • Brainstorming the ideas on the implementation of the Salesforce platforms to meet client’s business requirements, building the data model for the custom features, organizing the request management process.
  • Integrating the Ideal State Calendly with Salesforce for calendar synchronization, providing a simple and effective solution for gantt, structuring the onboarding process, improving internal communication, and building custom Salesforce components for the users.


  • Defined data model and architecture (System Landscape) to describe a customer community portal and establishing integration between Salesforce and Calendly, and integration with TeamGantt


  • Easy-to-use and structured onboarding process from Lead to Subscribed Customer provides an easy way to onboard new clients.


  • An easy to use toolbox on top of Salesforce Lightning Community reusing out-of-the-box functionality to the fullest, with the flexibility of custom components where essential.


  • Organized request management system to make sure all requests are handled swiftly by the most competent staff member.


  • Simplified communication on top Salesforce platform makes it convenient for clients & Ideal State to collaborate.

“I was most impressed by the way that they became invested in the product and really worked with us as a partner.”

Jeremy Nurse

Co-Founder at Ideal State

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