July 19, 2023
About Noltic

Vitalii Gorovyi joins Noltic’s board as part of an investment from InSoft.Partners

Plus, we are happy to announce that Noltic's co-founders, Igor Petrovych and Vladyslav Petrovych, will take the roles of CEO and CTO accordingly. InSoft.Partners now holds a minority stake in Noltic's shares.

Noltic is happy to announce the news of Vitalii Gorovyi joining the company as a Board Member. To support Noltic’s business growth, Vitalii will be involved in the everyday operational activities and oversee the lead generation process. Starting from July 2023, Vitalii has become an integral member of Noltic's executive team.

Vitalii's addition to Noltic comes as part of an investment from InSoft.Partners, a Software Development Holding that specializes in helping companies scale through strategic development, process enhancement, and key team mentoring. InSoft.Partners now holds a minority stake in Noltic's shares.

“It has been around seven years since I have known Igor and Vlad. Both of them are very strong in Salesforce technology. My goal is powering Noltic with my knowledge of business processes to achieve remarkable outcomes for Noltic, where the synergy of two companies exceeds 1+1>2” - says Vitalii Gorovyi, the founder of InSoft.Partners.

In addition to the above, we are pleased to announce the new roles of Noltic's co-founders, Igor Petrovych and Vladyslav Petrovych. Igor will take on the position of Chief Executive Officer, being responsible for company administration, which involves close collaboration with Finance & Legal, Marketing, Sales, People Operations, and Recruitment directions. Meanwhile, Vladyslav will assume the role of Chief Technical Officer, overseeing Noltic's development department. This includes delivering Salesforce professional services as a Salesforce Summit Consulting Partner, and creating AppExchange products as a Salesforce Crest ISV Partner.

“Last year marked the 5th anniversary of Noltic, during which we achieved significant milestones. Over these five years, we attained the top Summit level as a Salesforce Consulting Partner, developed three of our own AppExchange products, delivered over 80 successful projects to our clients and made a significant impact in growing Salesforce talents. Armed with these accomplishments, Noltic is eager to identify the next steps for scaling our business. We are delighted that Vitalii sees the immense potential in our company, just as we do. Our mutual plans and capabilities bring us a lot of enthusiasm for the future” - says Igor Petrovych, CEO and founder of Noltic.

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