We stand by the principles of a free and sovereign Ukraine

Our founders and the whole team stand by the principles of a free, independent and sovereign Ukraine. putin’s terrorism should not have a place in the world.

We do not do any business with the aggressor: have not signed a single contract connected to Russia since Noltic’s day one. We ask all other companies to isolate Russia from the world.

Inside the team, we speak the only official language of Ukraine, Ukrainian, and use the languages of our clients, mainly English. We ask others to share this principle – now it is important to save Ukrainian identity as never before.

Today, during the war in 2022, we continue to deliver Salesforce solutions by providing a high-quality service.
As a company based mainly in Lviv, and partly in Poltava, we are able to work without interruptions. We appreciate the awesome people of Noltic for being strong and staying effective in the circumstances of war. The team is doing our utmost best to keep our business working and make an impact on the Ukrainian economy. We are open to new clients and projects. Find out more about our expertise at our
AppExchange and Clutch profiles.

We keep going with the recruiting process. Noltic will be especially glad and welcoming to hire those who lost their jobs because of the war. Please, check out our
open positions.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working closely with our team, clients and partners to support Ukraine in fighting the aggressor. Especially thanks to those who donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, supply humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine, continue our cooperation and recommend our service to others.

Only since February 24, Noltic has donated over 1.75 million UAH to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our founders transferred over 800 000 UAH for local help, the team members have transferred over 400 000 UAH to buy ammunition and defense gear for Ukrainian soldiers. We help coordinate the Freedom Boxes initiative organized by our client Zenoo and other aid transfers to the most needed locations.

Here is
a verified way to donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine if you want to support Ukraine now.

And yes, Russian warship, go f**k yourself.

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