Creating Salesforce applications that are usable and good looking. Finally.

Get more out of SalesForce.
We help to create custom apps with simple, user-friendly and appealing design.

What We Do

We combine strategy, experience design & development to create or improve your Salesforce app.

Discover & Design

We create a personalized, integrated, SalesForce product and create optimal experience for customers/emloyees.

  • Product strategy
  • Market & User research
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • UX/UI Design
  • User Testing
Develop & Execute

We work with custom development and take the most of SalesForce capabilities.

  • Application Development
  • Extended Automations
Integrate & Maintain

We enable seamless integration, synchronize data and unify work process.

– CRM and ERP Integration
– Payment Integration
– CTI Integration

Your business goal as main focus


Business, Market and User Research
Transformed to Product Strategy.

What type of problem Salesforce app solves for your company? We we define all of the strategic assets of your business and guide the creative process from the concept through to actualisation.


Create Simple UX to Improve and Optimize End User’s Interactions.
How to design Salesforce app that would meet the needs of users? We research and define the issues end users are trying to solve and transform them into functionality and interactions.


Make Perfect Blend of UI design and Data Interpretation.

We make sure that all information on dashboard report charts, gagues, graphs and tables effectively tells the story behind numbers and that all visuals are in line with you company’s brand.


Turn User Feedback And Analitics Into Improved Product.
We measure and analyse performance of the created solution. That results in an actionable list of tweaks wich would be turned into inprovements of conversion rate, higher user engagement, retention or any other pursued goal.

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