“Looking back, moving forward” – a letter from our co-founder

2020 was something else. It was a year of shock, a new normal lifestyle, loss of loved ones, financial insecurity, self-isolation, and all that negative news. Business owners were challenged to find something positive to drive the people forward. So was I. Imagining my year-in-review speech, I was sure I would have to start this with ”It was a hard year for us…” to compensate for our achievements. But I don’t. 2020 also became our year of running. Running fast, confident, and, most importantly, together.


Look at what we did:


  • released 2 products: Libphonenumber and Cloud File Uploader


  • signed over 30 new contracts


  • reached the status of Top Salesforce Partner in Ukraine by Clutch


  • achieved 70% of people growth


  • launched a startup: it`s Soverio, a blockchain rising star


  • joined IT Cluster


  • achieved Level 1 and Level 2 in a number of specializations within the Sales Navigator Program


  • joined 1% Pledge movement for corporate philanthropy


  • became Top CRM Consultants 2020 by Clutch


  • received 140+ Salesforce certificates by December 2020


Is this kitschy self-congratulation and half-baked goals for the new year? No. It is a revealing exercise that shows us what we did right. It is a stepping back far enough to realize how much has happened in the last year and crystallize these observations for clarity when benchmarking and fine-tuning goals for the upcoming year. We want to provide even better service, to work for new industries, to join top 1000 companies, to find more cool people for the team.


We have the maturity and trust in Noltic`s DNA. And this is the very essence of those metrics and wins of 2020. This year became a good one to prove our values and culture. Noltic showed how united we are – even at a distance, how hardworking we are – even in unpredictable times. We support each other, we care, and we enjoy moments of happiness, work inspiration, and small team gatherings.


I would like to thank all of our team for doing a fantastic job during the hardest year yet, and showing such amazing results. I’m very proud to work with every one of you.


2021? I will settle for whatever it gives us, just as long as my team, clients, and partners are right next to me. The idea is to keep building and growing, month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter, and to provide the best Salesforce experience.


Looking forward to the upcoming year with an open heart and eyes… and remember: impossible is overrated!

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